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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Posh Kids: The Kennedy's

Today was a day that I was a little unsure of. These kids are like my own kids. I see them daily, my kids love them like family and they are the sweetest, craziest and funniest kids that I know [besides mine] and I never know what the day has in store when I photograph them. I didn't know if it was Funny Face day, National be a Pirate Day or Medieval Sword Fight day. To my surprise the boys were all about Loving Your Sister Day. They adore her and just wanted to do what she wanted them to.
So this morning, we set off on an adventure. I promised them a fun time, and they were ready... full of laughter, energy and they brought their "A" game of muscle poses and fun places that they thought we should go. We looked for trains, skipped rocks and went on a hunt looking for tanks. Nothing short of a perfect Spring morning with some of my favorite kids.
Here are a few that show off their personalities right on.. We even had big sis rockin her own session while her brothers threw rocks [thankfully not at her, as per their norm].

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Posh Kids



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Posh Kids



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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Posh: Personal... Virginia Beach Shamrock Marathon

Last weekend we hit the road for a little impromptu vacation to Virginia Beach to the Shamrock Marathon. I am not a runner, my measly 3 miles pushing a triple jogger definitely does not inspire anyone, much less myself to ever dream to run any farther, and I have no aspirations of a 26.2 mile career [uhh all at once.. I think I run that total distance in a year.]
But.. my husband is a runner and he helps support an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G non profit called Hope for the Warriors.
http://www.hopeforthewarriors.org/. They provide support for the wounded men and women that are injured in combat and also family support for the families that love and care for these beloved warriors. Although Erik did not run in this marathon, he wanted to support our dear friend Toni who is the race coordinator and director for the group. She is a running machine and was still smiling when we saw her less than 2 miles from the finish line. Erik and the kids helped work the water station to heckle the runners. We were at the 24.5 mile waterstop and we were the lucky ones to see some Fan -freakin -tastic costumes.
Paul- Hope for the Warriors.. he hand bikes the entire way!

Toni- Still smiling at mile 24.5

Erik and Jim.. heckling, I mean handing out water to the runners. Very festive.

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I can imagine that this is what the 80's marathons looked like...
These guys are more my speed.. strolling at mile 24.5, drinking a beer and gatorade.
Really, you ran an entire race in this???
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Posh Kids: Spring Has Sprung.. Posh Spring Minis

I love looking around and seeing all of the flowers in bloom, the trees with leaves and the bright sunshine. If the forecast would get the memo that it is NOT supposed to be 40 degrees still... then all would be perfect in the land of Spring. None the less... I am so excited because I have so many fabulous things to announce in the next month.
For now, I am announcing Posh Spring Mini Sessions. 30 minutes, stress free and gorgeous prints too! Email for the details.
Take advantage of the beautiful sunshine and head outside for some fun. Ohh... and the best part.. fine art prints too!!! Seriously, there is so much going on here that my poor brain can barely catch up, but as soon as I get the details worked out on each project, I'll get the word out. And a new contest coming soon.......
[check out my twin cuties, they were dying to play tea party and I needed models. win-win]

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Posh Babies- Twin Cuties....K and M Easter

When we found out that we were having twins, it was the scariest and craziest of thoughts that ran through our minds.. Then we decided to just sit back and see what God had planned for us and our family. We just left it to prayer that he would provide the patience, the sleep and the understanding of our new family dynamics and we made it through.. even with the sleepless nights and tired days...
These two little cuties bring back so many memories of the beginning of our twins lives. The fun of sleeping, not sleeping, feeding, teething and coordinating the mountains of outfits that are too cute to pass up. When they learn that their playmate and best friend is right there beside them and of course all of the snuggles and hugs that they give along the way. I am so blessed to document their friendship and the beginning of their lives.. and I can't wait to see what God has planned for these two little angels.
Here are a few of my favorites from our Easter Session this morning.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Posh Contests: Kiss Me: I'm Irish... WINNER!!!

I think that I have mentioned before that I am In Love with Love. In love with my husband, my kids, God, life, flowers, sunshine and even rainbows [with a pot of gold or without]. It is ridiculous how much I just love loving... So for loving sake, I was a bit giddy with every contest entry that appeared in my inbox. I am so cheesey that I even oohhed and aawwed all by myself at each one [they are soooo soo cute, and who doesn't love kisses??].

I have a love hate relationship with contests because I LOVE them and I hate that I can't make everyone a winner. I do hope that you all will keep entering though because I do absolutely adore all of the entries, and all of you for sending them in. I have to say that I had a third party randomly pick because I am a horrible decision maker ...So without further adieu..

The winner is... Caitlyn Tanner!!! I will email you this week to set up your session.

And just because posts are better with pictures... I'll leave you with this little kiss picture that I absolutely love from a session back in January. Happy St. Patty's Day!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Posh Contests- Kiss Me I'm Irish... Only 4 days left to enter

Only 4 more Days to enter to win. Send me an email with your name, number and a picture showing off those kisses! perfectlyposhphotography@verizon.net Winner picked at random and announced here on Tuesday March 17th. Contest ends Monday March 16 at midnight.. so submit those entries!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Posh: Dr Seuss- Horton Hears a Who.

We have to make a costume? For a Parade? Ohh.. and it has to be a character from a Dr Seuss book, in honor of his birthday. I racked my brain for ideas. Hmm.. One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish [this was the perfect idea for twins, right?!..] Well, they were having no part of that and I was already out of ideas. So I'll just ask them "Ok, what would you like to be girls?" In unison they shouted "Horton". Really? of all of the characters to choose from you both want to be Horton?
I do remember reading them the story and they love the movie, but I honestly couldn't recall who or what Horton was [obviously I didn't retain anything]. So after some probing this is what I got..
"He is an elephant."- check
"He has a pink clover that he holds in his trunk." A clover? Like a shamrock?
"We don't know mom, it's just a pink clover. And he holds it. Annddd, it has a green stem and a yellow speck on it"- So now I am really confused. Not only can I not recall the story, I have absolutely no idea what they are talking about with this speck and clover talk.. much less how to fashion a costume out of all of the information. Ohh this is going to be more difficult than I thought.
I needed some clarification on all of this cryptic speak, so I went to the authority- Madison.
"Madi, we have a bit of a situation. The girls need a costume for the Dr. Seuss Parade for their school." In all of her infinite big sister almost 10 year old wisdom, she gives me the greatest costume plan.. ever!!
"Mom, all we need to do is take them to the craft store and we can make them elephant hats and attach the pink clover with a green stem and yellow speck. I'll make it for them. And, we can get some fabric to make gray bodies. Or if they have gray clothes, that would work." Ohhh, bless you my little Miss Madison and all of your wisdom and usually crazy [but ingenious] ideas.
So, although I still have no idea who Horton is, we did it. Gray sweats, pink shirts and some Horton elephant hats= Super excited twin Horton's! The rest of their class did a great job dressing up too, to include Thing 1 and Thing 2 [their twin friends..that was a great idea!!], Sam I Am [complete with green eggs and ham], The Cat in the Hat[s] and the cutest Cindy Lou Who that I have ever seen [see below!].

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Posh Babies: Twins!!!..

I absolutely love these little girls! They have just turned 6 months old, they are sitting up, laughing and have discovered that they have a playmate that is always around. Their interaction is so adorable and they are very aware of where the other is! We had a short and sweet session yesterday to celebrate their 1/2 a year birthday and the girls were full of wonder. Seriously they give me twin fever all over again... almost! Good thing I get to see them so often. Happy 6 month birthday Baby M and Baby K!! Thanks for the smiles and giggles.

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