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I love God, cupcakes, handbags, shoes, my family and wine. We recently moved back to California after my husband retired from the Marine Corps and we are living life in the Southern California sunshine.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

[Posh Photography] Quintana Family: Zoolander Style

My heart beats fast, I say a million extra prayers and I worry. What if I blow it? What if they think I'm lame and dorky? More so than I really am?! What if, what if, what if... I am always nervous before a shoot, but it is magnified x1000 when it is for a friend.

I have been friends with the Quintana Family since we moved to Quantico. I am the "forgotten one" I live a street over, generally pretty quiet and make yummy drinks. I am the best person to ever tell a secret to because I can't remember what happened this morning, much less any other time. Lyndsey is the opposite. She is beautiful, fun, the life of the party and the center of attention whether she knows it or not. She is genuine and lovely and I am pretty sure that everyone that meets her falls instantly in love. Thomas is her exact replica -[man style] and soul mate. Their kids are pretty fabulous too.

Early last year Lyndsey asked me to take a few shots of the kids for a gift for Thomas. At the time I thought I rocked it, I was just starting out and they were the best shots... evah. Truth be told, they were average at best [but full of love] and not AT ALL what she had in mind [my wake up call to listen to what my clients really want]. My dear sweet friend decided that she still loves me and trusted me enough to try again.. this time with the whole fam. So.. although my ribs hurt and half of the session was blurry from laughing at all of the zoolander poses that were pulled out. They rocked it! Ferreall!!

Love you guys! oxox *Nic

[Posh Families] Fall Family Photographer Northern Virginia

[Posh Families] Northern Virginia Family Photographer

Thursday, October 29, 2009

[Posh Events} Marine Corps Marathon 2009: Hope for the Warriors

I am not a runner, I don't even really like it to be honest. So when we moved to Virginia and Erik decided to get more serious about running. I thought he was going a bit loony. So when he signed up for his first Marathon a few years ago, I knew he was crazy. We have a friend named Toni. Some days I swear they are Siamese twins trapped in different states. They chat a few times a week and they talk each other into running crazy runs! It's marathon after marathon and this year they are running the JFK 50 miler in Maryland!

Toni also happens to be the team director for an organization called Hope for the Warriors . She has done amazing things and given me the opportunity to give back to some of the families and service members of the Armed Forces that have been severely injured in combat. I hear their stories, see their trials and revel in their triumphs. Hope for the Warriors is an amazing non profit group that helps when other organizations can't. "Today, our mission is a promise that the sacrifices of the wounded across military service branches and throughout the nation will not be forgotten, nor their needs unmet."

So while i don't understand my husband's need to run like a crazy man, I do support him 100% because he can, when so many are unable. I am honored that Hope for the Warriors asked me to come back this year to document their race day.

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[Posh Events] Marine Corps Marathon 2009 Washington DC

How awesome are these guys?? The Marine in the center was severely injured, is blind and is a double amputee... He finished the Marathon right around 4hrs 30 minutes.. cycling, with his hands.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

[Posh Kids] Chase Parties Like a Rockstar with Mickey Mouse!!

I remember it like it was yesterday. An entire year had flown by since the night I drove to the hospital in the rain. I had seen sleepless nights, colic, snuggles, first smiles, sitting up, crawling, kisses and walking in a brief 12 months. I cried the last night I put her to bed as a baby. It was time to celebrate her first birthday. With meticulous care, I put her in front of her personal sized cake and watched her dive in face first. Those are still some of my favorite memories of her almost 12 years later.
This weekend I was on hand to celebrate Chase's first birthday. His mommy and daddy had that adoring look in their eyes, remembering all that their little man has become in his first year. I have never seen a little boy more excited to celebrate a birthday. He loved his toys, but I am pretty sure that the cake was the biggest hit. I couldn't believe they were able to get all of the frosting off of him. His daddy is off to boot camp soon and we send him with prayers and well wishes. I can't wait to see where the Army takes them.
Happy 1st Birthday Chase!!

[Posh Kids] Lake Manassas/ Gainesville Children's Photographer

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

[Posh Families] The Holthaus Family Rocks Old Town

I cringe when the forecast calls for 90% chance of rain. What??? 90% ..really?! Breanna and I had been chatting back and forth for days over locations. They really wanted outdoor pictures for the fall, but we were headed to a wet morning if we couldn't find a covered location outdoors. As long as we could find a location..they were in.
We settled on the Torpedo Factory in Old Town, Alexandria. Fun, bright and rain free. But... on the way to the Torpedo Factory there was little more than a drizzle and the morning was clear and we were downpour free! We headed outside for some fun. We explored Old Town and had a blast. The Holthaus boys are adorable!!! They cracked me up the entire time and I think that they stole my heart with their adorable smiles. 90% chance of no rain made my Saturday!

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[Posh Families] Old Towne Alexandria Family Photographer



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Friday, October 23, 2009

[Posh Kids] I'm Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee... Miss Kennedy

I love Halloween. I love costume shopping, the decorating [that Erik does], the candy [!!] and seeing the kids dressed up. I usually steer the kids costume choices to what I want them to be, but this year... I let go a little and let them all choose their own.[ Ahem].. In order from youngest to oldest Captain America, Wonder Woman, Hello Kitty Witch, Darling Devil and Undecided [Kailyn] will be making an appearance in our house. The kids can barely contain themselves and to be honest, neither can I!

I also could not contain myself when I saw Miss Kennedy in her Bumble Bee costume! Although she is not a baby, she might be the cutest bumblebee I have ever seen! I first met Kennedy and her mommy last year around Halloween when I was asked to photograph Little Red Riding Hood. I was blown away at the way she talked, moved and posed then. A year has passed and she is nearly 3, and look out because this little girl has a future. Tyra...I have found America's Next Top Model!


[Posh Kids] Bumble Bee Kennedy.. Halloween Fun, Prince William County

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[Posh Families] Jones Family... Rocks Fall in their own Backyard

Last night I set out to finish up the preview for the Jones Family. I was so excited because they are the sweetest family and I love their gorgeous home. We decided to do their fall shoot in their incredible backyard. The light was so soft and dreamy and I was in love with the wooded tree lines that surrounded their little slice of heaven.
Ohh... but their would be different plans for my work night. Madi came home complaining that her chest was hurting a bit and it was difficult to breathe. I wasn't overly alarmed, just maybe she was worn out and needed a rest. She fell asleep before dinner and woke up crying around 10:30p. My dear sweet 10 year old was definitely not doing well. by 11:15p it was off to the ER we went. I couldn't believe the scene of white masks, coughing and moaning and at least 35 people in the waiting room as we entered. We sat as far away from the crowd as one can in a busy waiting room. I asked Madi no less than 20 times if she was feeling better yet and if she really felt like we needed to stay.
3 hours later, the diagnosis: Pneumonia. I felt like the worst mother in the world thinking that we were wasting many hours of prime work and sleep time. Jones family, I am sorry for the delay in the preview. I promise I had a good excuse :-) Here are a few of my favorites!! You guys are fantastic.

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[Posh Families] Jones Family.. Manassas Family Photographer

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