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Nicole Benitez

I am a Modern Stylized and Urban Couture Photographer based in San Diego {Southern California} and always available for session and wedding travel. Specializing in Modeling Portfolios, Commercial and Editorial Photography, Weddings, Couples, Kids and Seniors.

I love God, cupcakes, handbags, shoes, my family and wine. We recently moved back to California after my husband retired from the Marine Corps and we are living life in the Southern California sunshine.

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Monday, May 31, 2010

So Thankful.... Memorial Day 2010

I am awestruck by the people that surround my life. The people that have always been, that have been and passed and others that are there for a brief time and move on. Today, I am reminded just how truly blessed I am. 
I thank my husband for his unfailing service to his country and family. Willing to defend no matter the circumstance or location. I am thankful to my parents who are both veterans of the United States Army, that both served proudly. Thankful for my grandfather who was a WWII veteran, Erik's grandfather for his service during World War II, Korea and Vietnam. To many of our friends who continue to defend and sacrifice.And especially to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice with their lives.
You are always thought of, prayed for and remembered.

Korean War Memorial
Vietnam War Memorial

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Cutest Little Angels Fan...ever- Sneak Peek

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday Faves {on Saturday}... 50Cent, NPR and 5 hour energy

Today is the final day of our drive to Cali. Whooo hoooo, so I thought I would celebrate with a Friday Faves, yes I know its now Saturday.. but since I meant to post this yesterday... It totally counts.
"Go, go, go... go shawrty. It's your birthday. Gonna party like it's your birthday, sip bacardi like its your birthday, you know we don't give a......" There was a point this week driving through the New Mexico desert that the radio stations just quit working, unless I wanted to listed to 70's rock or some thing with a mariachi flair. We all know that I'll listen to just about anything, but I have to draw the line at disco and 70's rock. I frantically searched through my center console for anything that might get the ringing of Hotel California out of my head. Luckily I was saved...I came across a CD that my friend Steph made me last year. I am pretty sure I have an irrational love of 50Cent because when his voice came through my speakers, it was like pure honey singing straight to me. "Go, go go...go shawrty..."
Since I am obsessed with actually listening to my radio, I think I have logged at least 15 hours of NPR in. I get sucked in every single time I scan the channels. My favorite of the week: a interview with Father Greg, founder of Homeboy Industries. Father Greg is a true testament to Gods power of placing people where he wants them to work. Homeboy Industries was started in 1992, it's mission to create an environment that provided training, work experience, and above all, the opportunity for rival gang members to work side by side. They are struggling now and had to lay off over 2/3 of the people that they employ, yet many of those employees continue to show up to work. Inspiring to say the least. NPR... you never cease to amaze me with stories of courage, your amazing reporting and your always entertaining nature.
I have to give thanks to the academy, my family, and 5 hour energy for getting me through this crazy cross country drive. Although it tastes more like a glucose test drink, I will attest to the power of the 5 hour!!

Just for fun... one of my fave Children and Family Photogs- Sandi Bradshaw just launched her new branding and website and blog. She is truly amazing and I think the switch fits her perfectly!! . If you are a child or family photographer, try to get to one of her workshops! They are business changing!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Saying Goodbye... and starting new

I want to remember today. The day that I woke up in your arms and you held me close because things were changing. I cannot believe that it is here. We will sit and watch as you are honored for your service to your country. For giving yourself fully for 20 years to a life that you love. I have never been more proud of you or more in love with you than I am today and I want to remember that this was the beginning of the rest of our lives.
Thank you for choosing your family and a life beyond the one that you have known forever.We have been through moves, deployments, field time and transitions and we made it through. I can't even imagine how you feel today as your family and friends gather to celebrate you, but we are so incredibly proud and honored to be there with you. Congratulations on your retirement my love, you have served the Marine Corps proud!
MSgt Erik Benitez... USMC Retired

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cha, cha, cha....Changes

The last few weeks have been crazy. I feel like I barely have an opportunity to breathe. I am trying to finish up all pending galleries, orders and dodge moving boxes. The packers started their reign of terror on the house today and I am not sure whether to hug them because I don't have to do much from this point forward, or hate them because of recent late nights of cleaning closets and deciding what I can't live without until we are back with our possessions on the west coast.
 Also, Miss Madison turned 11 this weekend. I had the mom guilt kicking as her birthday day consisted of pressies, a birthday kiss and hug and singing along with the radio as we organized. We did make it up to her a little bit with a family trip to the movies that included half of our God kids and a really yummy cake. Unfortunately her birthday pictures are on hold because of a little blocked tear duct. She is on the mend and we are moving full speed ahead. 
Along with moving ahead.. we have a new permanent email address. I have been using it for a little while, but just in case... nicole@nicolebenitez.com and we are officially switching all of our branding over to {Nicole Benitez Photography} effective at the end of this week!! Yay!!! 
I have been asked about the switch a lot recently. Thanks to an ultra fab meeting with Justin and Mary back in January and their amazing mentoring, I decided that I needed to showcase my brand... and me. Thus, the switch began and will be complete to coincide with our move to Southern California. I cannot believe we are leaving in 7 days!!! 
And because I missed a Mother's Day post.. Happy Mother's Day!!! I'll leave you with a couple of me with my munchkins- courtesy of my dear friend Kelly Koziol .

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tank... His dimples melt my heart

Last week while I was cleaning out our laundry room I ran across a box of pictures that had Tank's 1st birthday invitations in them. My friend Christy is amazing and made the cutest invitations for us out of his session with her. It brought me to tears. I couldn't believe that my little baby boy was turning 4.
Fast forward to yesterday... I took my birthday boy out for a special morning with mommy. We hit the train station for some fun. Although he is the complete opposite of his four sisters, he is still mommy's sweet boy {most of the time} and all rough and tumble the rest. He makes every single day fun and I never want to forget how his dimples melt my heart when he laughs too loud or has a mischievous grin. Or the way he climbs into my lap to read a book or tell me that he loves me and I'm his best friend.
Happy 4th Birthday Tank!! {the rest of his session here}