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Monday, October 17, 2011

Wishing I Could Make Time Stand Still... The Munckins Couture Session {sneak peek} || Fallbrook Children's Photographer

Most photographers will tell you that their hardest subjects to photograph are their own! Most moms will tell you the same thing! Trying to photograph your own child is hard work, even for the pros! Try doing it x's 5. I am definitely not saying that one kid isn't as hard as 5, but mine are way too comfortable in front of my camera and I often need a martini by the time we are done {I kid, I kid}. I do photograph them individually pretty often for their sports activities, commercial shoots and to commemorate milestones, but coordinating schedules for five busy munchkins sometimes take a little help from the man upstairs, a whole lot of praying before hand and ends with something really good to bribe them with.
90% of my images end up making me laugh out loud as I look through them. The funny faces, purposely crossed eyes and silly poses kill me. If you recall our Christmas Shoot from last year, it took us 2 {count em}, 2 sessions to get a Christmas card picture that I could use that included all 5 of them. I take all responsibility for the first failed session and not treating them like mini clients {lots of fun, no stress = awesome time}. This year, no retake needed.. my kids were in superstar form {ok, ok, that may be the mom goggles talking}, but we had a blast! Build a tent together in the middle of the day, doll them up in awesome designer clothes, add in silly mommy time and our puppy + a super surprise treat at the end of the day. I am a happy mommy and it was pure bliss to spend the afternoon with them. Now I am just wishing I could make time stand still!
Here's our sneak peek...

A huge thank you to our local designers that have sent amazing clothing, accessory and custom items to use for our Couture Children and Family Sessions
{{psst... they are almost sold out! One full session or two mini sessions left on October 23rd!! Contact me ASAP at nicole@nicolebenitez.com if you want to book}.
Set Styling by
 A Blissful Nest

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Valentina said...

They are so adorable! You have 5 good looking kids!

Christina said...

Wow, that's impressive!! Great images. Where did you get the purple/lace top in the second image? It's almost identical to what I have been looking for!!

{Nicole Benitez Photography} said...

Thank you ladies!! Christina, the top is from Kangacoo Designs, it is sooo soft and beautiful!
www.kangacoo.com. I don't think she has listed it yet, but send Katie a message and I am sure she will hook you up.

Emeric Photography said...

Gorgeous as usual! I'm taking my kiddos pics soon and I pray it goes half as good as yours! Xoxo

Christina said...

Thank you SO much!!