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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Audition Look ... Guest Post by Aubri of Minikin Model and Talent Agency {part 3} || San Diego Modeling Portfolio Photographer

So many parents and adult actors ask us what make-up and hairstyles are appropriate for auditions.  Unfortunately, there isn't one easy answer to this question, and the approach for adult actors can vary greatly from that of a child actor, but there are a few basic rules to follow regardless of your age.

These are some simple things to keep in mind when attending an audition that does not request appearance specifics for some sort of character role.

Stay parallel to your profile: Remember that you or your child has been selected based on their current headshot; which, I might add is another critical reason to keep headshots current. With that said, because the casting director has chosen you/your child from this image, it's probably best to attend the audition with a look very similar to the photograph used for submission. This does not mean an exact replicate of your hair, clothing and make-up, but to simply keep in mind the look that you were chosen from and stay fairly true to it.

Heavy make up is a big no-no: This applies to actors/models of any age. Casting directors and producers are well-versed on the magic of make-up. They know what they can make of you, so the audition is a chance for them to see you (just you) in person. This does not mean that you or your child should wear NO make-up (again unless specified), but that you should use make-up to enhance your natural beauty and not to create an appearance.

Easy on the shimmer: While most cosmetic lines are heavy in the shimmer department right now, it's best to keep that for your everyday wear. These glitter/shine additions don't translate as well on camera as they do when you're out for drinks with your friends.

Well-groomed is never frowned upon: Just because you aren't putting on a lot of make-up does not mean an unkempt appearance is acceptable.  Make sure you take the time to comb your hair and perform any regular upkeep as necessary. Just like any other job, this is a business and directors are also gauging you as a professional during the audition.  Don't show up late looking like you just rolled out of bed. It's an immediate turn-off for directors if they sense your level of professionalism isn't up to par with their own; and it may cost you the job regardless of how incredible of an actor you might be.

Confidence goes further than any form of make-up: Remember, in the moments before you are asked to perform or take photographs, smile.  Your eagerness, good nature and confidence can carry you far in any industry. And if you aren't right for that job, on that day ... at least they will remember liking you as an individual and that's always a plus for the next go at the rodeo.
- Aubri Almendariz, Director of Youth Talent, Minikin Model & Talent Agency

We are so excited to have Minikin Model and Talent Agency is doing a four part 
guest post blog series right here! Part one {Getting an Agent} can be found HERE. Part two {What's in a Headshot} can be found HERE.  Last installment up.. next Wednesday.
More info coming soon: From the Trenches. 
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